For your skin & the planet

100% organic

Fresh plants

Handmade in France

With no added water

Bucolic Collection

Organic & 100% natural skincare collection.

Made with fresh, seasonal active plants growing in the wild, protected regions in France.

Formulas with no added water for highly concentrated products with active ingredients suitable to all skin types. Also to preserve freshwater, natural precious resource for the welfare of the planet.

Conservative-free thanks to our natural extracts stabilizing our formulas.

Handmade in France for strong social & environmental actions.

La Royale

Royal - Organic & 100% natural face cream

Regenerates - Tones

La Bohème

Bohemian - Organic & 100% natural oil, face - body - hair

Nourishes - Soothes


Bold - Organic & 100% natural balm, face - body

Nourishes - Tones

Le Doux

Gentle - Organic & 100% natural cold-process soap

Nourishes - Smoothes

Our formulas with no added water are highly concentrated in active ingredients and 100% beneficial for all skin types. We preserve freshwater, precious resource for the Earth and its ecosystem.


Our organic & 100% natural skincare products are made from a lush biodiversity and each raw material is meticulously selected according to their active ingredients. 


Our plants, harvest, production,... The ecosystem of Cap Bötanica beats with the rhythm of the nature and the seasons.




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