Formulas with no added water

Formulas loving your Skin & the Planet

Skincare formulas with no added water to obtain high concentration of active ingredients, 100% efficient for your skin.

Also to preserve natural freshwater, precious natural resource for the Earth and its ecosystem.


Plants gone WILD !

Fresh Skin Care

Our fresh, seasonal plants are harvested at the heard of the natural, wild regions of France. Our products bear witness to France's lush biodiversity, which we seek to protect. 


Back to the future with Artisans

Sustainable link to nature

From the harvest to filling each jar, our artisanal know-how is in symbiosis with the environment and guarantees high-quality skincare products. We truly support local French producers with whom we perpetuate this precious heritage. Sustainable production with authentic products!


At the heart of diversity

Standing up for diversity

We believe that beauty has no border. We stand up for the natural beauty of biodiversity and the uniqueness of each one of us.
Each of us is unique. All reflections of Nature are specific.