Le Doux, cold-processed soap -...

Le Doux, cold-processed soap - nourishes & smoothes

Organic & 100% natural cold-processed soap - 100g.

Nourishes - smoothes. Ideal for sensitive skins

Raw materials: Pinus Pinaster, Chestnut Tree honey 

Active ingredients: rich in trace elements, vitamin B, vitamin C and antioxidants, nourishes and smoothes your skin

Extra: we replace water with Pinus Pinaster water to obtain a 100% efficient active formula for your skin

Texture: foamy

Scent: fresh and oaky notes

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Nourishes & Smoothes

Pinus Pinaster

Pinus Pinaster, the French poets' inspiration source for its natural balsamic scents.

Active ingredients

Concentrated in antioxidants, decongesting and calming sensitive skins.


The Pinus Pinaster water leaf is produced by a local producer in France. Its buds are distilled from the still to collect the hydrosol, full of active ingredients.

Chestnut Tree honey

Castanea sativa Mill, the chestnut tree secretes nectar - sometimes honeydew - highly appreciated by the bees.

Active ingredients

Rich in vitamin B, C and trace elements, the chestnut tree honey helps your skin to maintain its elasticity and to be protected against external aggressions (pollution, stress,...).


The bees freely forage in the chestnut trees that abound France's Cévennes region, far from any pollution. Once their honey is harvested by a local producer, it is cold worked to guarantee that its organoleptic qualities remain intact.


INCI: sodium cocoate**, sodium olivate**, sodium sunflowerseedate**, sodium shea butterate**, pinus pinaster twig leaf water*, glycerin*, mel*, kaolin.

*From organic farming

**Made with certified organic ingredients

100% natural

99,74% organic

Nature & Progrès certified

Fabriqué par GAEC Plantes des Cévennes, 48110 Les cambous, titulaire de la mention Nature & Progrès

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